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Keeping a healthcare organization performing optimally means minimizing asset downtime, increasing patient safety and security, assuring efficient service and maintenance, and ensuring compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations. New technologies, competitive markets and ever-demanding customers are setting the bar higher than ever for customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery.  

Healthcare organizations are competing to attract new patients and increase patient satisfaction by investing in the latest technology and offering better amenities, improved quality of care and lower prices. Patient care is also being delivered with increasingly sophisticated, connected and networked equipment. And risk and liability continue to grow as competition among providers becomes fiercer. 

From executive leadership to clinical engineering, facilities and plant operations, and IT staff, healthcare professionals from every area struggle with the complexities of an industry that is becoming increasingly reliant on highly specialized devices and machines to provide the diagnostics and treatment required to optimize patient care. Implementing a CMMS or asset management solution can not only help healthcare organizations maintain their costly equipment, but also help demonstrate compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations.  

CMMS Products for the Healthcare Industry

Connectiv - Accruent

Connectiv is a modern, cloud-based solution that consolidates your HTM, HFM and IT systems to a single user experience, transforming the patient experience and delivering real-time visibility. Connectiv is a certified ServiceNow app.

TMS - Accruent

Accruent’s TMS (formerly Four Rivers) is a comprehensive Healthcare CMMS solution that centralizes assets and service across the entire health system, drives quality improvements, and ensures compliance.

Asset Enterprise - Accruent

Asset Enterprise (formerly Mainspring) is designed to simplify the documentation and reporting of medical equipment maintenance.

Maintenance Connection - Accruent

Optimize your manufacturing performance through proactive maintenance. Empower your workforce with asset intelligence and the ability to manage work orders, organize and execute preventive maintenance. Reduce downtime and predict when assets need maintenance and manage enterprise assets and equipment inventory.

SiteFM - Accruent

SiteFM empowers smart healthcare environments providing real-time data for real-time decisions improving the quality of care and revenue while reducing costs and mitigating risks.


Nuvolo’s cloud-based enterprise asset management platform helps facilities teams create seamless digital workflows with their IT counterparts using a single system of record. Eliminate the need to rely on disparate systems to retrieve the data. Nuvolo is a certified ServiceNow app.


AIMS three offers the next generation of user-driven HTM software. This platform is based on today’s requirements, while anticipating tomorrow’s needs.


MediMizer delivers healthcare standard management software, including web requests, email notification, mobile device software, dashboards and scheduled reporting.


EQ2 HEMS addresses the specific needs of maintenance management, offering a mobile app, AEM, regulatory compliance, advanced dashboards and reporting, asset lifecycle management, work orders and equipment management, numerous integrations, and interoperability.


EQ2 HEMS addresses the specific needs of maintenance management, offering a mobile app, AEM, regulatory compliance, advanced dashboards and reporting, asset lifecycle management, work orders and equipment management, numerous integrations, and interoperability.



FSI offers built-in compliance reporting, configurable dashboards, and handheld solutions for Apple and Android devices. FSI allows organizations to efficiently collaborate across the workplace with easy customization, robust reporting, regulatory compliance through maintenance project management, construction and vendor integration all on a single platform.

Facility Dude

Dude Solutions is a cloud-based maintenance solution where users can initiate, assign and track the progress of maintenance work orders. It helps manage assets and equipment, develop advanced workflows with preventive maintenance scheduling, utilize IoT technology for predictive maintenance, and manage inventory. Dude Solutions also contains functionality for document management, reporting and mobile capabilities.


Archibus is integrated bi-directional platform with building information modeling and CAD design software. Archibus delivers targeted solutions that allow facilities managers to gain insights into their organizations, while keeping costs low and employee experience high.

Infor Logo


Infor EAM Enterprise helps companies improve asset performance, increase service life and cut costs by providing complete configurability to address the most specialized and important asset management challenges.

Maximo, IBM

IBM Maximo is a fully integrated CMMS platform. Operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across the enterprise to optimize performance, extend asset life cycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.