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With limited resources, aging buildings and an oftentimes large and diverse set of facilities, public sector facilities professionals are under pressure to do more with less. They are tasked with staying on top of preventive maintenance needs, handling emergency repairs, extending asset lifespans, keeping detailed records for data analysis and compliance needs and controlling costs under increasingly tight budget constraints. 

In addition, those in government or non-profit organizations must be fully transparent and accountable in how they address their maintenance issues. Maintenance teams adhere to strict budgetary requirements while demonstrating that work is being properly tracked, completed and billedConsequently, they are searching for better controls over the many systems, processes and procedures currently in place.  

Implementing a CMMS or asset management solution can not only streamline maintenance operations and maximize equipment lifebut also aid in demonstrating compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations. CMMS software unifies maintenance data into one centralized, scalable, easy-to-use system with robust reporting and work order management to help public sector professionals gain visibility into the asset lifecycle, meet compliance and safety goals, justify investment in staff and better demonstrate costs to key budget stakeholders – thereby ultimately benefitting the taxpayers they serve. 

CMMS Products for the Public Sector Industry

FAMIS - Accruent

Accruent's FAMIS software manages your property and asset maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and improves operational efficiency for facilities teams. Integrate this system with your capital planning system, space management system and remote monitoring platform to deliver next-level visibility and savings across your real estate portfolio.


AssetWorks offers integrated software and hardware for managing assets. Assetworks also offers consulting services so everyone in your organization has visibility into your facilities.


TMASystems is a web-based solution that provides information for making informed decisions and assists facilities in effectively accounting for, maintaining and extending the life of physical assets. Organizations can run their operations more efficiently to provide the highest level of service and improve their organization’s financial performance.


Archibus is integrated bi-directional platform with building information modeling and CAD design software. Archibus delivers targeted solutions that allow facilities managers to gain insights into their organizations, while keeping costs low and employee experience high.


Manage your technicians, improve facilities performance and reduce downtime. Keep facilities up to date and plan for preventive maintenance by tracking all of your information in this system.